OTC Detailing at Walmart!

Went for a quick visit to Walmart (Canada) and checked out what they have available for Over the Counter Detailing products! Surprised slightly by the small selection they offered (especially in higher quality otc products). They have introduced me to a new brand I haven’t heard of as well – Ultimate X which has a number of Fast Wax and cleaning product accessories like towels.

They had a few of the Meguiar’s washes like Ultimate Wash and Wax, but other than that Meguiar’s products were at a minimum. Mother’s products were almost non existant – minus the Carnauba wax and some interior cleaning products. On to the few snaps we took while there (sorry for picture quality – light was not good in that corner and the blackberry camera was not enough for the lower light):


I had to take a closer picture of this Turtle Wax Buffer. I’ve always seen these being passed around at Stag and Does here as no one wants to keep it haha These may be ok for applying some wax, but that’s about it. If you want an otc buffer, look into the Meguiars DA Power System if you own a drill. For almost the same price, it will produce much better results.

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