Wiper Arm Cowel Restoration Project

Today’s post is a resurrection of a post I did for another blog I started way back a few years ago. It shows me using Meguiar’s PlastX Clear Plastic Polish and Mothers Back-to-Black to restore the dull grey wiper arm cowel on my car, which is supposed to be a nice rich black!! Thanks to the sun and years it is not anymore.
In order to restore them, I needed to clean the area and polish up the wiper arm cowel / cover to a richer shiny black.

Here are the tools of my attack:



I used a terry cloth towel in combination with the wonderful PlastX product from Meguiar’s. What I essentially did was apply a small amount of the Meguiars PlastX onto the terry cloth towel and moved in a back and forth motion on the wiper arm cowel. This will “polish” the area to clean it and help remove and white or other colored discolorations.

And now a picture of the wiper arm area before receiving any kind of treatment. As you can see in the middle dot (clip), that it looks grey and faded. It still has a black appearance, but for anyone who wants perfection its very noticeable in the right sunlight.


Now let’s see a real close up showing what it looks like before and after an application of the PlastX product.

Before and After Pictures => Right side: Treated, Left Side: Untreated


As you can see here the right side actually look mode deep and rich with a back color, since it has been polished. The left side looks like a fading away old car with ugly grey trimming.

This was only the first step, as after finishing the polishing with the Meguiars product, we proceed to use the Mother’s product to add more depth and rich black color. The back to black product works on trim to restore its black color – pretty much what the name of the product indicates. It’s the same process as the PlastX – apply with a back and forth motion, and buff it clear afterwards.

And now the the final after final shots of the Wiper Arm Cowel / Cover. Here you will see the true natural black color (as it came from the factory) with the shine it was meant to have. No faded grey color and dull appearance. Very happy with the outcome – even though I know after time it will probably fade back again. Not bad for a short time of sweat and labor!


And a side angle shot:


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