Picture round up of our Canadian Tire Visit

Here is a grouped photo showing the various Meguiar’s, Mothers, Simoniz, Turtle Wax and Armor All over the counter detailing products that are available at one of the bigger otc places people buy car products in Canada at least – Canadian Tire!


Almost looks like a flyer for them to promote their products! I scored quite a few products and saved about $40 today – so it was definately worth the trip to get these things. The products I’m most looking forward to using is the Meguiars DA Power System and the 3 stes (compound, polish and wax). I will be trying it on a light car (white) as well as a dark green (much more swirls to fix as the car is 14 years old!).

The Ultimate Wash and Wax has also got my curiosity. I have some Meguiar’s Gold Class left that I will use for now to wash and then clay my cars before doing a whole detailing job on them. The Wash and Wax I hope will let me extend the time in between detailing (especially on the white car where swirls and such do not show as easy).

Have you picked up any products? Let us know in the comments.

Be sure to see our video round up of these same products at our detailing video roundup post.

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