Meguiars DA Power System Video Round up

Today is a quick post with a few videos showing what the new Meguiars DA Power System can do and how people have used it so far.

This video posted by Meguiars USA shows how to quickly wash your car, and get it ready for a polish and wax using the power system. It includes a before and after shot with tape seperating what was waxed and what wasn’t.

Jomel Maldonado here shows unboxing of the DA Power system so you can see whats included and how it looks attached to his cordless drill.

The actual commercial from Meguiars with a bunch of fancy mathematical equations and smoke to determine and get the best paint shine.

One final video showing how easy swirl mark removal is using the system. Also a good way to remove water spots and oxidation from your car. This is much easier than doing it by hand!

Enjoy the videos!

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