Meguiar’s G55107 DA Power System – test coming soon!

Just wanted to give a heads up on a new Over the Counter Detailing system to help correct, polish and wax your ride like the professionals!

Meguair’s a few months ago has introduced the Meguiar’s G55107 DA Power System Kit. If you own a corded drill with 1500-2500 rpm recommended range – then you can get a system for under $100 that will get your ride looking sweet and clean.

Here is what it looks like:

What the kit comes with is Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound, Ultimate Polish and Ultimate Wax. Usually alone these are in the ten dollar range each – so here you get a system that will NOT make your arm feel like its going to fall off after six hours of hand detailing.

While we haven’t tried it just yet – we will be getting one soon and have various videos here showing it in use.

Here is a video we found on Youtube of it being put to use

Look for our review soon or if you can’t wait and want to try it out – get the Meguiars DA Polisher here.


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