Meguiars Clay Bar Review

For those that don’t know what a clay bar is and you love making your car look super clean, you need to know right now! A clay bar is the best way to get rid of the dirt and embedded contaminants in your paint you cannot see. Try this as a test: Grab a plastic bag, and rub it across your paint. If you haven’t used a clay bar before, then chances are you will feel a very gritty surface. It will almost feel like you are rubbing your hand against sandpaper (well not quite). How can that be you may ask? You wash your car once a week. Well everything and anything can get stuck into the paint and regular washing just will not take that out. A clay bar will run over this and “pick up” all of the contaminants that will not be removed from normal washing. Now that we have a basic introduction of what a clay bar is, let’s see the offering from Meguiars.

My first experience using a clay bar was with the original Smooth Surface Clay Kit provided by Meguiars. Since then, they have further improved it and it is now titled “Meguiar’s G1001 Smooth Surface Clay Bar“. They also include some nice freebies like their Cleaner Wax, and a Full sized supreme shine microfiber towel. Nice to haves and try out. Of course it also comes with a lubricant spray. You need the lubricant spray as you DON’T want to drag a clay bar across a non lubricated paint surface! Make sure the surface is not dry or else you WILL cause hazing and scratches onto your paint.

Onto the actual product from Meguiars. It does very well for an over the counter product that you can pick up in stores. Being a OTC product, they are generally more mild than products you can find elsewhere. That being said Meguiars offers a phenomenal product to the consumers. If you do the job right with the clay bar, then you will see how quickly the clay turns into a nice brown color from all the deposits in your paint. After every run of a panel on the car, you will want to flip the clay over and flatten until you get a nice new clean surface. This will let you pick up even more from the next panel you work on.

I don’t have an actual picture of my claybar after using it but found a sample of a used clay bar online that done its job (especially if it hasnt been clayed ever or in years):

Used Meguiars Clay Bar
Used Meguiars Clay Bar

Mine turned into this many times over when I used the Meguiars clay bar. The true test if the clay bar did its job? Test using the plastic bag method.

The Meguiars clay bar definately shines as after going over my entire car which was never clayed in the 8 years it was on the road, it felt silky smooth after and was ready to be waxed. The shine afterwards was just incredible as it truly had a clean surface for the wax to be applied on.

I highly recommend the Meguiars clay bar for those into their cars and wanting to put the effort into making their car shine even more. It does take time but the final outcome is great. Meguiars you’ve done an A++ job with getting this product on the market.

If you like to try it yourself, you can buy the product from Amazon or a few other providers.

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