Should we try Wipe New? Review to follow

As we are now back in full swing at OTC Detailing, we have seen Canadian Tire promoting a product that you see often at night on informercials. The product is “Wipe New Trim Restorer”. It is intended to make all your greyed out plastic on the exterior look new again with the Black or Grey finish it originally came with. We have not tried this here as we normally use the Mother’s Back to Black to restore our grey trim over the years – and are always satisfied with results – even though it needs frequent reapplication.


Since that requires frequesnt reapplication, we thought Wipe New may be  a good choice as it claims to last years without needing to reapply. Has anyone tried Wipe New? We did some digging around and find many reviews stating this is amazing while others are completely bashing the product – and the common reason? People seem to hate the 44ml bottle size. They think its not enough product for the $20 price tag.

Some reviews have mentioned doing two full cars with Wipe New, and others with SUV’s and a lot of plastic bumper on the exterior have mentioned switching back to their other product as this didnt even allow them to do the whole SUV one time. It seems all a matter of application and how much you use – as well as how much your applicator soaks up the product.

One review on Amazon mentions wearing gloves as this stuff is very hard to get off skin – without using white spirit. That same user also mentions to let the product cure for 24 hours and apply on dry and dust free product. That user has been in the detailing business for 26 years – so it sounds pretty good from that review.

Another user seems to think this stuff is just high end floor wax being sold in a small bottle for cars — “smells like, and reacts like a trick I used many years ago as a auto detailer. I can’t remember the name of it but it was a floor wax that came in a quart can with a pop lid… I would venture to guess someone is filling tiny little bottles with floor wax and making a fortune.”

So from our perspective, it’s really hard to know who’s exaggerating and who is saying the truth. I guess it depends on the condition of your car and how you apply it – so who else wants to try Wipe New Trim Restorer? We are thinking of getting it from Amazon or locally at Canadian Tire or Walmart.

Here is the official commercial for the Wipe New product as found on Youtube:


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