Deep Swirl Mark removal with the Meguiars DA Power System?

Today’s post will be short and sweet. We were getting out of the car and took a  look at our roof in the sun. We knew our paint has not had a full detail in a very long time and has just finished a long and snowy / salty winter. This is what we saw:


As you may guess, this is NOT how we want paint to look like LOL Very bad shape and while you see the pearl showing through in the green, it is very muted and does not have that rich paint feel.

We recently got the Meguiars DA Power System from Canadian Tire and the Ultimate Compound polishing pack, with red cutting pad. What does everyone think? Can we remove these swirls with the DA Power System? Even an 80% improvement for this paint would be great as the car is 14 years old and just needs to be brought back to life with some “appearance” fixes.


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