Canadian Tire detail like a Pro Flyer available!

A nice little flyer found on the Canadian Tire site this morning title “Detail like a Pro” – with of course using Over the Counter Detailing products 🙂


They go through the various stages of cleaning your car for a more thorough and quick OTC Detail. You can go to their weekly flyers page here. You will just need to enter your postal code to get it.

The first detailing related page tells you how to wash away winter – which I’m sure everyone should have done by now! Unless your in a climate with snow still randomly popping up.

The detail like a pro page highlighted above is about exterior detailing, and that is the prime focus of most people keeping their car clean. They go through the wash step, followed by using clay bars, polishing the car (btw I would NOT use the simoniz one as you really need to know what your doing with that – you should use the Meguiar’s Professional Dual Action Polisher as it is safer and there is a ton of information online about it). My preference and what I’ve bought is the Meguiar’s G3500 DA PowerSystem Tool as it’s cheaper and easier to afford for the casual DIY detailer. In Canada, the power system is exclusive to Canadian Tire as well (and they seem to have sales on it quite often this year to get the word out).

The flyer also promotes Autoglym products for detailing and Meguiar’s. The page showing tire products – I would stick to Meguiar’s. I’ve tried armor all and their simoniz brand tire foams – and the Meguiar’s seems to outperform and last longer. It is twice the price as well – so I do buy the other stuff as well to use in winter – or in between details where I just want a quick clean until I can do my next otc detail.

For the power washers page – I would recommend the Karcher brand power washers.

As for Canadian Tire deals right now – they are having an up to 60% off sale right now.


Looks like mostly simoniz stuff is actually 60% off, but finally mothers products are mostly 25% off across the board. I really like the Showtime product by Mother’s and will likely pick some more of that up to quickly clean up fresh bird poop off the car.

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